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A message from MAP’s Executive Director, Diane Picard

In recent weeks, tragic events of police brutality and race-based murder have again brought to light the systemic racism and injustice that threaten the lives of African Americans on a daily basis.  The very foundation of our country and its policies throughout history have been based on the pillaging and destruction of black and indigenous lives, human rights, labor and land for the benefit white lives.  The state sanctioned murder of black and brown people has to stop. I acknowledge and share the pain, anger, despair and frustration of black people in this moment, but as a white person I have the privilege of not having to share their fear…fear that when they or their children leave their house in the morning, are sleeping in their beds at night, call the police for help, go out for a jog, play on a playground or go to the store they could be senselessly and brutally murdered because of the color of 

their skin. As a food-justice organization the Massachusetts Avenue Project (MAP) recommits to fighting for racial, economic, environmental and social justice with communities of color.  We recommit to listening to people of color and to stand in solidarity with all who are fighting to dismantle white supremacy.  We recommit to examine the ways we, as an organization, through our culture, practices and policies uphold the status quo of institutional racism.  We recommit to having the difficult conversations to change these things.   We recommit to supporting the young people in our community, who experience racism every day, and continue to provide opportunities for them to learn the history and civic engagement skills they are never taught in school.  We recommit to using the resources we have to lift them up and stand as allies with them.

If you would like to help, please consider making a donation to a racial justice fund or black owned business (see list below, to name a few). If you choose to contribute to MAP, we are grateful to you for acknowledging our work amplifying youth voices in black & brown communities. 


Black Lives Resist in the Rust:
Feed Buffalo:
African Heritage Coop:

Urban Fruits & Veggies:
Fresh2 Def Barber Shop (our neighbors working to rebuild after a recent fire):
National Black-led food justice groups:


In Solidarity,


Diane Picard
MAP Executive Director

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