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Food Scraps

We Want Your Food Scraps! 

MAP is a permanent drop off location for Food Scraps. Drop off your Food Scraps at the compost bins in front of our Farmhouse!



Q: What can I compost?

A: Vegetable and Fruit scraps, Coffee Grounds, Tea Bags, Nuts and Egg Shells.

Q: What can I not compost?

A: Meat, chicken, fish, greasy and oily food, dairy, animal waste, litter or bedding, coal, charcoal, coconuts, diseased or insect infested house plants, or biodegradable / compostable plastics.

Q: When can I drop off my Food Scraps?

A: Any time! You can drop off your Food Scarps 24/7! Although we encourage dropping them off during our Farm stand, every Thursday from 3-6 as we often have promotions or compost related giveaways during our market! (We take a break from our Farm stand during the winter so please refer to our posted schedule!)


Q: What happens to the Food Scraps?

A: Food Scraps can be turned into a few different projects. Our Food Scraps are picked up by a company called Natural Upcycling. They focus on a process called anaerobic digestion which can turn food scraps into a renewable resource – such as electricity or natural gas!

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