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Our Farm Philosophy


We believe in food sovereignty, and the self reliant structure of a resilient community that can provide for itself and each other.  We strive for an accessible, healthy, fresh, and local food system and use all areas or our organization to reach that. Our farm contributes directly to that food system as a producer of specifically desired foods for our customers.  Everything that we grow stays right here in our city, adding to the quality, shelf life and nutrient density of the produce we sell.


Knowing what our neighbors want to eat, we are able to provide safe produce as well as information and access to a small, working farm.  Through our seedling sale, we offer affordable vegetable, herb and flower seedlings that promote a community of gardeners. Through this shared experience, we create the stories of success, failure and deliciousness that provide the framework for that resilient community we dream of.

We provide tours throughout the growing season and are happy to accommodate school groups and or businesses interested in or learning about sustainable farming.  


We offer in season, paid internships on our farm, where individuals can work 10-15 hours a week on harvesting, packing and prepping produce for market, starting seeds and weeding…always weeding.  This is a great introduction to a small scale farming practice.

We also host a wide array of classes to the greater community from 2 hour basic Vegetable Gardening classes to a more in depth year long “Grow Your Own Produce” series.  

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