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Who We Are

Our Mission

To nurture the growth of a diverse, accessible, and equitable local food system, promote economic opportunities, and empower youth through social change education.

Our Vision

We imagine a community in which all youth and families have access to fresh, healthy, and culturally appropriate food, where people of all incomes have economic opportunities, where vacant lots are transformed into productive green spaces, and where youth and their families are engaged in their communities.

Our Values


MAP includes, lifts up, and listens to the voices and perspectives of all people, from many races, cultures, nationalities, identities, genders, ages, sexualities, socioeconomic classes, faiths, abilities, and more. MAP strives to be an organization that redistributes power to those who are systematically ignored, and strives to ensure that everyone feels valued, included, and respected.


MAP values biological, ecological, and cultural diversity, recognizing that a range of organisms and perspectives is what allows sustainable ecosystems and communities to thrive and evolve. MAP acknowledges that biological, ecological, and cultural diversity are essential to forming regenerative relationships, building cohesion, and providing balance as we create a diverse, local food system.


MAP upholds equity as an essential value necessary to rectify social inequalities that have existed throughout history. MAP seeks to level the playing field and empower the oppressed to access the same opportunities, such as nutritious, affordable, and culturally significant food, as those who are more privileged. MAP relocalizes the money and power associated with the food system to uplift local farmers, small businesses, and youth.


MAP seeks to promote positive lifestyle choices that encourage good health, personal growth, active citizenship, and high quality of life. We recognize that the consumption of healthy food is a crucial component of nurturing ourselves, and recognize that nurturing and restoring the land is a crucial component of growing healthy food.

Land Stewardship

MAP is committed to reclaiming and revitalizing vacant land, and keeping urban land that is productive, sustainable, safe, and respectful of neighbors. MAP seeks to promote an ethic of urban land stewardship that exemplifies responsible and innovative renewal and management of natural resources.

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