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Join MAP and learn new skills in the kitchen or in the garden!

MAP Kitchen Classes

Classes take place in MAP's commercial kitchen, unless noted otherwise. 



Cooking Simplified: Food for a Healthy Life
First Thursday of the Month from 6-8 pm

Tickets: Sliding Scale, $15-35

*Donation-based for participants under 18!*

Instructor: Barbara Bullock

This class is part of an ongoing series that takes place on the first Thursday of every month. Participants can join any class in the series

Class Description:  

Improving your diet can be as simple as adopting a few guidelines: Eat more fruits and vegetables, more whole and unprocessed foods, and more healthy fats. Beginning with an easy-to-prepare meal idea, we'll uncover “hacks” to make the experience of preparing meals as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. In this class, you will build a collection of recipes to go back to again and again. Instead of drastic change, you’ll learn how to easily add healthier food choices a little at a time, to the level you are comfortable with. Be your best self with the tools to succeed on the road to healthier eating. 

Classes in this Series:

February 2023

Prepare a winter soup from your pantry and learn how to stock your pantry for healthier eating choices. This class will primarily instructor-demonstrated.

Handout: Building a Healthy Pantry plus copy of recipe.

March 2023

Learn how to create a one-sheet pan dinner that is quick to prepare and utilizes heart-healthy salmon (or tofu) and seasonal vegetables which you can swap out to your liking. We’ll talk about what tools are essential for a working kitchen.

Handout: Essential Kitchen Tools, plus suggested options and a copy of the recipe.

April 2023

Late Winter/Early Spring Salad. Build a hearty, main-dish salad using fresh produce and pantry items (canned beans, cooked grains, etc.). A volunteer will create a vinaigrette from ingredients representing acid, fat, herbs/seasonings, and optional heat.

Handout: Creating a Vinaigrette, plus copy of recipe.


Sweet and Savory Hand Pie Class
Thursday, February 9th from 6-8 pm

Tickets: Sliding Scale, $35 - $55

Instructor: Emma O'Donnell

Learn how to make both Sweet and Savory Hand Pies with Pie & Scone Owner, Emma O'Donnell

Class Description:  

Come learn how to make hand pies with Emma of Pie & Scone! In this class, we will be using our hands to create flaky all-butter pie crust, as well as both sweet and savory, vegetarian-friendly fillings. Together we will be rolling out our doughs, cutting to size and filling. Each student will go home with freshly baked hand pies to enjoy as well as custom recipes to ensure they can be made at home again and again. Feel free to bring in aprons and rolling pins from home, or use the ones provided by the MAP kitchen.

Have fun working with your own two hands to create something beautiful and delicious to share with the people you love!

Lexington Co-op Cooking Class Series
Third Thursday of the Month from 6-8 pm

Tickets: $45

Instructor: Bethany Ortquist

This class series is open to member-owners of the Lexington Co-op and is a part of a series of monthly classes.

Class Description:  Lexington Co-Op Class Series: Galette Make and Take
Are you a Lexington Co-Op owner? These classes are for you! Join Bethany, MAP'S Kitchen Manager, for all the fun classes listed below!


Classes in this Series:

December: Kimchi Make & Take

January: Food from the African Diaspora

February: Galette Make & Take
March: Somali Cooking w/ Bisharo Ali


Tamales Class with Breva Kitchen
Thursday, February 23rd from 6-8 pm

Tickets: Sliding Scale, $30 - $45

Instructor: Diego Castillo

Learn how to make traditional tamales with Chef Diego from Breva Kitchen!

Class Description:  Tamales are an iconic part of Latin America. While they differ from country to country, and even region to region, they are built on the same base. Diego will teach you how to make a rich corn dough from scratch and discuss the many types of tamales found in the region. We will be making the dough, filling our tamales with chicken and vegetarian-friendly fillings, and learning how to wrap them in a banana leaf. We‘ll work together to make the tamales as Colombia families do, each person pitching in with a different role. Each student will take home two tamales and a recipe to make them yourself at home.

Probiotic Drinks.png

Probiotic Drinks: Milk and Water Kefir
Thursday, March 9th and March 30th from 6-8 pm

Tickets: $50 ($90 for 2)

Instructor: Ashley Smith

Learn how to make healthy, naturally carbonated, tasty beverages in this 2-part class series! Feel free to choose one or attend both at a discounted rate!

Class Description:

Enrich your gut microbiome and your life by learning how to make probiotic drinks for yourself at home in this two part class all about Kefir. In each class you will come to understand the difference between water kefir and milk kefir, learn skills to practice making each, enjoy samples, and take home a jar of milk and water kefir grains to continue the practice at home. You will also receive a packet of nourishing information during each class that will include process photos, recipes, fermenting schedules, and health benefits to guide you on your kefir making journey. All you need to bring is your willingness to learn, an open mind, and any questions you may have about how to grow a healthy culture used for fermenting milk and water kefir. Choose which class you want to attend or come to both at a discounted rate!

March 9 - Milk Kefir

Milk Kefir is a delicious fermented milk beverage that has a creamy texture with a tangy, effervescent taste. You will leave this class with a portion of your own culture in a jar to grow at home and continue the practice of making kefir, a folder with a packet of recipes and helpful information to guide you on your journey, and an understanding of how to integrate this practice into your daily life.

March 30 - Water Kefir

Water Kefir is a probiotic beverage in which water and sugar are fermented using water kefir grains. The best part is, it’s flavored with fruit! It's a naturally carbonated, refreshing, sweet drink that makes a healthy soda replacement. You will leave this class with a portion of your own culture in a jar to grow at home and continue the practice of making water kefir. You will also receive a folder with a packet of recipes and helpful information to guide you on your journey.

Do you have an idea for a class you would like to host, teach or attend? Let us know!

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