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MAP is working with Seeding Resilience to get fresh food on the dinner tables of Buffalo Households in need!

First, we harvest up all of the gorgeous collards and kale we have in our fields at MAP. Then we call up our best friends at Promised Land CSA at Oles Family Farm, Groundwork Market Garden, Produce Peddlers Inc., Cornerstone Orchards LLC, Thorpes Organic Family Farm, and Sunset Fruit and Vegetable to gather the beautiful produce they have on hand. We make quick work of some volunteers to get it all ready for Urban Fruits & Veggies to pick up. We send it out on Urban Fruits & Veggie's truck, along with tasty fresh soups we prepared at our Farmhouse for folks observing Ramadan. Next, this food travels quickly down the road to Feed Buffalo. The kind folks at Feed bag it up with dry goods, Halal meat, bread, and more and start contacting folks who need support. Then it trickles off on Queen City Couriers bicycles and in volunteer cars to homes across Buffalo, just in time to prep the evening family meal. Any excess produce is scooped up by food banks and shelters. Nothing is wasted!


It's an effort by many and it's all possible thanks private funding Seeding Resilience receives, patient and generous volunteers, simple technology like Whatsapp, and robust food system networks such as Greater Buffalo Urban Growers and Produce Peddlers Inc. who connect us with the most important link of all-- farmers! We *really* are all in this together.


It's truly wonderful to see, thanks to beautiful photos and videos by Drea D'Nur of Feed Buffalo. Check out their latest post below. You can hear the excitement and practically smell the freshness! We are so happy to be a part of this collaboration and glad to share some behind the scenes food system stuff with our Facebook family.


To learn more about our partnership with Seeding Resilience, check out:


**This effort is privately funded through Seeding Resilience and supporting small farms the best way we know how-- by buying produce! If you are a producer and would like to contribute, please contact our Markets Director by emailing your farm info, phone number and price list to We can even pick up!

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