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Good Food Purchasing Program

The Good Food Purchasing Program is a national initiative that seeks to transform the way public institutions purchase food by creating a transparent and equitable food system built on five core values: local economies, health, valued workforce, animal welfare, and environmental sustainability.  The Program is the first procurement model in the country to support these food system values in equal measure and provides a flexible framework in developing a values-based supply chain that works in tandem with existing efforts to expand good food in the region.

On Tuesday, April 18, 2017 Massachusetts Avenue Project, Grassroots Gardens, the Crossroads Collective, the WNY Environmental Alliance, and other local organizations met with the Food Chain Workers Alliance for an informational meeting on how to bring the Good Food Purchasing Program to Buffalo.  The meeting included a meal featuring menu items from the BPS Child Nutrition Services' Farm-to-School program, a local initiative that demonstrates a commitment to several of the values identified in the Good Food Purchasing Program.

  • Click here to watch an introductory video about the program;

  • Click here to visit the Center for Good Food Purchasing website; and

  • Click here to learn more about the program from Diana and Christina of the Food Chain Workers Alliance.

For more information on bringing the Good Food Purchasing Program to Buffalo, contact Rebekah (at)

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