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A Message from Janya

MAP Youth, Janya, wrote a reflection on the time she spent working at the Massachusetts Avenue Project.

My name is Janya, I am 17 years old and I just graduated from City Honors this past June! I have been working at MAP since October of 2021, and in that time I have learned so much, made many new friends, and am so very grateful for the opportunities that MAP has provided me with. 

In the social justice group, I learned about equity vs equality, how the food system impacts communities, redlining, food deserts, and more. On the farm I learned about how to properly water crops, how to dig up medicinal roots, etc. In the kitchen, I learned about street food in different countries, how to use the “claw” method when using a knife, how to properly can goods, how to make toum, and many other things. 

This summer I worked as a Kitchen Apprentice and discovered how much being in the kitchen brings me so much peace and serenity that I love every moment I spend there (except when I’m chopping garlic!). 

Working at the Massachusetts Avenue Project has been such an eye opening and incredibly positive experience. I am very appreciative to have it as my first job experience and grateful to the MAP staff who have always made me feel welcome and accepted no matter what. 

I hope you choose to support us so that MAP can continue educating youth and have a positive impact on the surrounding communities.

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